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Kabasura Kudineer

Kabasura Kudineer is a herbal formulation of some of the finest south Indian herbs that constitutes for a brilliant composition for various viral and bacterial ailments in a human body.  

This combination of herbs is one of the approved product for protection from Covid-19, by Ayush, Govt. of India.

This formulation of a product has a main focus on reducing the fever and symptoms caused by the increase of Pitha in a human body.  


Nilavempu Kudineer

Nilavempu Kudineer is a well known formulation of various south Indian herbs which aids in boosting your immunity and balancing your natural elements.

Nilavempu is a well-known herb in the Siddha Medical circle which works as an effective immunity ingredient against various Viral and bacterial ailments. 

This can also be held as a regular product for general wellness too.

Nilavempu Kudineer is one of the approved product for protection from Covid-19, by Ayush, Govt. of India.


5000+ year old traditional method

Siddha” is arrived from the Tamil word “Siddhar” which means perfected individuals who has attained spiritual powers called siddhi. Historically Siddhars goes thousands of years back, originated from South India who had dominated the ancient Tamil teachings and philosophy. Siddhars are believed to have possessed immense power which has been the basis for evolution of Ayurveda and Siddha Medications.

This traditional medication process focuses primary on the control and balancing of the 5 elements of nature that governs the universe and the human body

At Siddha Forest, our primary focus is into this ancient method of healing through herbs and combination of such herbs for any type of human ailments

Herbal Supplements

Herbaseutical supplements hand blended with 100% herbs that aids and supplements for all types of ailments through chemical free and preservative free formulations. 

All our Herbaseutical products are from our in-house ISO certified factory coupled with a strong R&D lab that aids at dedicated research on each and every herbs, its benefits and further value additions possible. 

Look Younger With Our Personal Care Products.

In the world of all cosmetics and personal care industry being ruled by chemically composed products, we are offering 100% chemical free and preservative free Personal care products. 

Healthy Hampers

Why not think of an alternative gift that conveys that you actually care about someone.

At Siddha Forest we have pre-made gift hampers that are made for every occasion and we also offer customized gift hampers 

Easy to Shop

Healthy products are just a click away. Just choose the category of products that suits you best

Chemical Free

All our products are certified chemical free where our focus is to provide chemical free & preservative free products to our consumers

Because we care

Fair Trade Policy is our main motto when it comes to our vendor channel and farmers who help us grow our herbs in house

Our Products

Herbal Products carefully grown, manufactured and packed for a general well-being and for an effective lifestyle and personal care.

All are just one click away!

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